west broadway baptist

{louisville, ky}

  • ​"This ministry is a great way to mobilize and train church members to get outside the walls of the church and share the Gospel. I highly commend this ministry for local churches."

           -dr. timothy beougher
            senior pastor


​{Louisville, ky}

  • "God has tasked our church (and yours) to engage our city with the gospel.  As a pastor, I am thankful for the Scoops and Scripture team and how that they have come alongside our pastors and leaders to help us as we train and encourage our people to share Christ in our community.  They have used their years of experience to develop simple methods and tools that make it easy for our people to share the gospel with some of those least likely to ever attend church."

          ​-aaron harvie
           senior pastor

​valley view

​{louisville, ky}

  • "our family just loves volunteering with our church and scoops and scripture. it's such a simple, easy way to train our children to love god by loving others."

          -chad rehnberg
            ​valley view member


{la grange, ky)

  • "​scoops and scripture makes it easy for our church to reach our precious people in nursing care with the gospel of jesus christ. it is a great way for lagrange baptist church to display love you can see."​​ 

​          -rick davidson
           senior pastor


​{plano, tx}

  • "Scoops and Scripture has been a delightful addition to our already existing ministry to senior adult care facilities. It has been an encouragement to those the team serves and has created another on-ramp for volunteers to get involved in spreading Christ’s love to those in our community. Those involved in serving are blessed and we have seen this ministry multiply quickly. We appreciate the vision and leadership that Kelly and her team provide!!"

          ​ ​-PHIL MITCHELL


​{garland, tx}

  • ​​"Jesus mentions the importance of offering something cool and refreshing to those in need of kindness and compassion.  Scoops and Scripture gives people in our church family and community the opportunity to engage in this tangible way.  I love knowing that a simple act of kindness with intentional engagement based on God's Word is happening through this unique ministry partnership.  Scoops and Scripture is a blessing and being blessed one refreshing taste at a time."

         -dr. david rogers
          LEAD PASTOR

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